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Happy new year!
I did a little reading... 沈黙のパレード is an easier read than 1Q84 so I think I'm going to take a hiatus from the latter. I'm enjoying the story a lot in 1Q84 but it's demoralizing how it's almost a meme at this point, how slowly I'm getting through it. It's a door stopper so I'd probably be getting through it pretty slow in english to be honest. I'll post some updates once in a while to my status on progress and if I'm really in a Good Episode, I'll write a report on my site. I don't think anyone from the original neocities gold rush on NtE is checking out people's pages, but I'm happy it happened... it was a fun moment for us. Thanks for being my friends.
... hyper palatable and bioavailable, the honey sweet slurry made him feel all at once warm and safe, at first. After being kept in this place for a few weeks though, he was given to a strange exhaustion. Now at feeding time, the motions of his body happened as if in third person, and he observed the creature taking it all in, staring forward, and seeing nothing. Euphoria did not remain even as a memory, all he felt now was aching and absence.
*Throws his head back and laughs. Knows exactly the meme you're referencing, and agrees with it.*
having a lot of interactions at work that are making me wince and crumple into an atom when i remember them . i thought i would have had social stuff figured out in my late 20s
何度もあなたと同じ映画を見るのは一切文句がない。千年でも君と紅葉に囲まれた同じ町を歩きたくて、手をつなぎたくて、呼吸の音を聞きたい。離れた住宅地で車内で二人きり星空を見たい、永遠に。寿命はもう半分立ったを思い出すと泣くほど悲しいになるんだ。 君は妻、よっかた

Happy Halloween!

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Hey! I finally decided to give in and reveal what the "secret" page referred to in the source clue is. Here you are: Secret Haha! Got you! Just wanted to show off the cool 404 page I worked on, since nobody is going to see it otherwise.

You know in fish out of water movies where an extraterrestrial or foreign exchange student goes absolutely crazy for some pleasure of their new environment, like gorges on donuts and beer, thinking "oh yeah this is the greatest I love this new world," and then later on you find them keeling over full of regret for pursuing that pleasure with so much gusto? that's me with fonts right now
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It's only October and I was such a good boy I got two Christmas gifts for my wife already.

the html for my reading reports page is pretty much done but all now that has to happen is for me to do some reading for once ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ
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